Frank Vosper


Frank Vosper was born in London in 1899. After military service in the First World War he started touring for Basil Dean and by the mid 20s was starring in the West End and in feature films. He later started to write plays including Murder on the Second Floor, which was a smash hit in London where Vosper played the lead and on Broadway where he was replaced by Laurence Olivier. Murder on the Second Floor has been adapted for the screen several times, the first by Vosper in 1932. He also notably appeared in Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much.

In the 1936 West End première of Love from a Stranger he appeared as Lovell and this time went on to reprise the role on Broadway. On the night of 6th March 1937 he was returning to London from New York on the SS Paris and attended a party on board in the room of Muriel Oxford, 1936’s Miss Great Britain. He was last seen standing at a veranda near her room. His drowned body was found near Plymouth a few days later. His death was ruled misadventure.